Report Writing / Record Management System
Digital FTO’s report writing system is a form based system. The customized forms are utilized from report creation to archiving. Reports may be generated on any of the handheld units or a workstation and submitted to the supervisor for approval. The supervisor may accept or reject a report and return it to the originator with his comments. Different level of securities can be customized depending on individual’s authority for editing and viewing reports. Once the report is approved by supervisor it is automatically transferred to Records and Data Entry. The system is designed with the end user in mind where your existing data input methods may be used such as stylus, typing, or dictating a report.

With DigitalFTO's SaS - RMS, a Store and Search Record Management System for Law Enforcement, Private Security, Health Management, and Casinos can enhance their effectiveness in the field and as well as post investigative matters. The system provides easy access to critical information both in the field and in the office.

SaS - RMS stores, tracks, retrieves and manages any kind of information within a highly secure system. Data can be accessed from the field, a workstation, a handheld device or vehicle mounted units. The system arms management with multiple types of statistical reports using real time data.

It is developed using latest technology of Microsoft .Net. NET technology is integrated throughout Microsoft products, providing the capability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions through the use of Web services. DigitalFTO uses Microsoft SQL Server database engine for database activities. SQL Server is a comprehensive database platform providing enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence tools. The SQL Server database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for both relational and structured data, enabling to build and manage highly available, performance data.

Feature Highlights

Form based report writing system
» Automatic / manual generation of case numbers
» Comprehensive search by any data in any field
» Email / Print reports in non modifiable PDF format
» Attach additional documents and images
» Supervisory sign off of reports with comments
» Customizable user access levels
» Electronic signature, Face recognition & Thumb print
» Custom reports with graphs and charts for statistical analysis
» Auto calculation of age and day for a given date
» Drop down menus for easy selection
» Satisfy state reporting requirements

 Department's  Benefits

»  Professional and on time reports.
»   Standardization of the reports.
»  Professional looking reports for court, insurance companies or public purchase.
»  Always have the forms at finger tips.
»  Each crime displays related forms to that crime type, thus helping officers in the field.
»   Reports can be easily edited. Officer does not have to redo the form again.
»   Search cases by case number, suspect name, victim name, crime type etc.
»   Add forms to an existing case whenever desired.
»   Upload images to the forms.
»   Spell checker available for narrative pages.
»    Reports are saved in non modifiable PDF format, and easily shared with others.
»  Have your own collection of reports for future reference.
»  Redundant data is auto populated thus saving time for officers in field.
»  Drop down menus in several fields thus making easy for officers to fill forms.
»  Write reports anywhere anytime from your laptop, desktop or PDA.
»  Traffic forms have integrated sketch tool which helps to draw traffic diagrams easily.
»  Officers can build their own library of traffic diagrams and can upload these diagrams on the form in few seconds.
»  Send forms for approval to supervisor with just one click.
»  Have immediate access  to Duty Manual, Penal, Vehicle code etc.



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