With DigitalFTO's SaS-RMS, a Store and Search Record Management System, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Health Management, and Casino Gaming, can enhance their effectiveness in field and follow up in investigative matters. The system provides easy access to critical information both in field and in office.

SaS-RMS stores, tracks, retrieves, manages any kind of information within a highly secure system. Data can be accessed on location, at a workstation, from a handheld device, or through a vehicle mounted unit. The system arms management staff with multiple types of statistical reports that are populated using real time data.

The SaS-RMS component can be easily integrated with other DigitalFTO applications and is NIBRS, UCR and GJXDM compatible.

The system is developed using the technology of Microsoft .NET and is integrated with other Microsoft products, providing the capability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions through the web.



DigitalFTO's handheld solution arms the officer with a handheld unit small enough to carry in a front pocket while providing most of the the benefits of a larger unit mounted in a vehicle. The officer can carry the unit while interviewing a suspect or gathering crime related information in the field. The unit is also capable of storing large amount of data without a constant Wi-Fi connection. The data is later automatically uploaded to the server as soon as the connection is made thus making it available to every unit in the field.

Handheld units may be used to take pictures, scan fingerprints, or generate reports on location. Information such as thumb prints or a mug shot from the fields can then be used for immediate identification of the suspect. 

This handheld system also provides a user friendly interface that allows instant access to an individual's information by scanning an identification card or driver's license.



The system can be integrated with multiple biometric technologies including fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition products and services. These trusted and reliable biometric methods are especially useful in addressing the demands of law enforcement agencies.

Fingerprints - Working with other agencies has generated large biometric databases that allow investigators to search millions of profiles and make positive identifications by using automated search algorithms. New products include optical full-hand/palm scanners, which acquire complete print sets and ease the task of piecing together prints during criminal investigations. There is also considerable research into more efficient database partitioning and search algorithms, since millions of profiles are considered during a typical database search.

Iris - No two human irises are alike, not even those of your own left and right eye. This application provides the highest levels of protection by controlling access to high-security areas via the most precise iris recognition technology available. The technology is simple and easy to use, while still accurately identifying individuals.

Face - There are three main challenges while using this technology: finding faces, matching faces against a database, and manually resolving 'matches' returned by the facial-scan system. These challenges have been overcome making the system more stable and efficient.


Gaming Industry / Hospitals

DigitalFTO's gaming solution provides tools for Enforcement, Surveillance, Gaming Operations and HR Management.

Enforcement / Security
: This module provides enforcement personnel with best possible solution to document enforcement activities inside the casino while maintaining a comprehensive SaS-RMS. The system assists the management and allows them to make critical decisions regarding enforcement activities.

Surveillance: The system allows surveillance personnel to monitor, record, and keep accurate data of all surveillance related activities with date and time. Still images and video clips may be attached to any event. MORE

HR Management: The system provides a complete solution from hiring to termination for the ease of HR personnel. The system generates multiple reports to keep track of employee performance and appraisals. MORE

Additional Modules:
» Barred Persons                                       » Daily Activity Log
» Shift / Transportation Schedule                 » Training Log
» Vendor Management                               » Lost & Found
» Visitor Management System                    » DL Scan Capability



DigitalFTO’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system is developed using the latest technologies and to ensure accuracy and efficiency of a dispatching operation. Our CAD system is a comprehensive tool to simplify the receiving and managing of emergency calls. The system makes sure that all calls are routed and dispatched to the appropriate public safety officer.

The CAD system provides a user friendly and intuitive graphical interface that saves time in critical operations of dispatch. It also can be integrated with any existing software or databases.



DigitalFTO's Jail Management System (JMS) provides efficient means to manage prison compounds irrespective of size and complexity. This system begins with registration of inmates and can even track all the movements of an individual within your facility. The system also accounts for personal property, mug shots, visitors, inmate accounts, and includes historical bookings.

It provides various detailed reports for state and federal agencies including the Social Security Administration and Immigration and Naturalization Services. It provides a user friendly interface for searching various activities and events.



DigitalFTO's E-Ticketing system allows police personnel's to issue traffic citations electronically. The system provides a user friendly interface on a handheld device which issues electronic tickets by scanning magnetic stripes on drivers' license and capturing electronic signatures.

This handheld unit also acts as a Mobile Data Recorder (MDR) which can be used by field inspectors, meter readers or anybody requiring field data entry.



Fire Records Management (FRM) enables fire department personnel to streamline data processing, search and retrieval of any fire related needs. Using this system fire personnel's can search historic data and do pre planning before heading for an emergency fire call. The system is fast and efficient in tracking fire causes, damages, as well as start and end times. It also provides extensive capabilities for pre-planning and inspection, water resource management, and patient care. You can detect trends in fire locations by tracking causes, times, treatments damage, and known motives of arsons.